Getting Started

A number of local residents got together in 1997 to put some revitalisation into the township of Lang Lang. They put together a "StreetLife" programme. This led to 5 new businesses opening in the town. It also bought an awareness to traders and residents that if the town was not supported and encouraged to grow, then it would eventually die.

Leading on from the StreetLife programme, the Cardinia Shire Council encouraged the development of a Town Committee. This is a committee who's members are representatives of the various clubs, groups, societies, associations and residents within the town.

The committee meets once a month and is unique in the sense that the whole town is represented by the 20 or so delegates who attend. These delegates report back to their own members and so information is distributed and conveyed

This has had a profound effect upon the town in so much as the town is unified and able to work together as a unit - no one club holds the balance of power or is able to dominate proceedings. Decisions and action plans are voted on by an executive that has been structured specifically to avoid a monopoly, ie. all the sporting clubs "hijacking" a vote.

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