Lang Lang Netball Club Inc


No records can be found of the first Lang Lang Women’s Basketball (Netball) Club.  The only information we have is of a premiership cup that was won in 1948.  The team included :

Violet Davidson  Mrs V Hooker (Capt.)(deceased)

Ethel Davidson now Mrs E McDonald

Kath Hollaway now Mrs K Spencer

Elsie Clifford now Mrs E Humphies

Winnie Emmett unknown married name

Alison Sampson now Mrs A Barwick

Mavis McDonald  Mrs M Gray (deceased)



     During the football season of 1969, the late Mr Frank Grinter, the then President of the Bass Valley Wonthaggi Football League, was approached by Mrs Margaret Motton and Mrs Teddy Parlett with the intention of forming a Bass Valley Wonthaggi Women’s Basketball League.  He was approached obviously because of his presidency.  They called a meeting at the Lang Lang RSL Hall to form a women’s basketball (netball) club to follow the above mentioned football league.

     This meeting was well attended with parents and their daughters.  Mrs Roma (Teddy) Parlett was elected President and Mrs Margaret Motton was elected Secretary/Treasurer.  Thus the hard work began to form a club and an association.

     Founding members were Mrs Roma (Teddy) Parlett, Mrs Margaret Motton, Mrs Margaret Anderson, Mrs Alga Davidge, Mrs Elma Patullo, Mrs Gert Hay (deceased), Mr Frank Grinter (deceased), Judy Parlett (Wright), Mrs Betty Easton, Gaye Easton, Judy Motton, Margo Rowe (Ridsdale), Liz Evans, Margaret Evans, Mrs Margaret Adams, Faye Adams, Janice Adams, Ginnie Hay, Louise Hay, Leonni Patullo,

     Within a fortnight Mr Grinter, Margaret Motton and Teddy Parlett, along with Margaret McPhee from Phillip Island, had organised a meeting at the Bass Hotel to form the Bass Valley Wonthaggi Women’s Basketball League, which unfortunately, is now no longer in existence.  The Bass Valley Wonthaggi Women’s Basketball League immediately affiliated with Victorian Women’s Basketball Association.  The Victorian Women’s Basketball Association changed to the Victorian Netball Association in 1970.  Subsequently all leagues, association and clubs changed from Women’s Basketball to Netball in the following years.

     Mr Grinter was elected as President and Mrs Motton was elected Secretary/Treasurer.  Mr Grinter held the post of president till 1970.

     The club went on to field 4 teams in 1970 being A, B and Under 14’s that followed the football league and Under 12’s played in the Pakenham Pool on Saturday mornings.  Thanks to those 2 mothers, Mrs Alma Patullo & Mrs Margaret Anderson, that made themselves available to take them to Pakenham to give our juniors the netball grounding for their senior years.

     These were the hard years of the club, but when I reminisce, they were the best years when everybody worked hard together.  Two people I have to mention that got the club running were the late Mrs Gert Hay and Mary Shelton along with Ann George from the Victoria Netball Association.  Their help and advice in coaching and umpiring were what our club needed to get on its feet. 

     The Lang Lang Netball Club has 5 Life Members being Margaret Anderson in 1980, Margaret Motton in 1981, Margaret McDonald & Judy Wright in 1983 and Cheryl Millar in 1992.  The club has 1 Honorary Member in the late Mr Bob Stewart.  Although his achievements for the club are not documented, without his support and financial backing we would not have the facilities that we have today.  The club has 2 League Life Members.  One in the Bass Valley Wonthaggi Netball League being Mrs Margaret Motton and the other in Judy Wright in the West Gippsland Netball Association.  Judy received her life membership in 2002.  Being only a young club we have 4 girls who have played 300 games for the club being Carol Parlett, Vicki Ross nee McDonald, Sharyn Miller nee Anderson and Fiona Barwick nee Wilson.  All the above mentioned people are still there today supporting the club in some way.

     At one stage we thought the Lang Lang Netball Club should be renamed the Margaret Netball Club because of all the Margaret’s involved.  And you thought you were confused!

     Our girls have done well with best & fairest awards and won our share of premierships in both Bass Valley Wonthaggi and West Gippsland Netball Associations.  The club moved to the West Gippsland Netball Association in 1984. 

    Over the years we have had many girls represent the Lang Lang Netball Club at country weekend, inter-league and inter-association games were they have held their own.  The club also had a very good representation on the executive of both leagues and associations and the same still follows for the current season.   

    The club has worked hard to build our clubrooms and extensions to the “shed”.  The club is looking forward to next season when the court will be moved down to make more room behind the far end of the court.  The club has a very enviable facility particularly on a cold, rainy or windy day.  More than likely that’s when we are playing away and wish that we had the home game.  The club also helped the sportsman club to get established.  All these achievements have been most rewarding for the club.

    The Lang Lang Netball Club was incorporated on the 8th of May 1985.

     The Club now fields every Saturday, during the “footy” season, A, B, C, 15’s & Under’s and 13’s & Under’s and also has girls playing night netball at Cranbourne and Pakenham.

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