How to turn your Town around

Lang Lang's demise was decided in 1995 when local government commissioners said everything was rosy in Cardinia Shire, with the exception of of the inevitable death of country towns.

At this stage, Lang Lang was a dirty town with poor infra-structure. It had vacant, run down shops that landlords did not wish to upgrade because they were not making any money.

Economic rationalism had a huge impact on the demise of the town with the closure of the Telecom plant, Railway line and Station, Board of Works office, Shire depot and the Banks. The Commonwealth Bank closed with one weeks notice and the ANZ bank also closed.

The town's 1995 position compared to that of the 1950's and 60's showed a marked difference. Then there was a Holden dealership in Lang Lang and all shops were taken. Then the town was humming and viable but 30 years latter it resembled a desert.

Cr Max Papley, Cardinia Mayor, said, in hindsight, all that was needed was a group to stand up and say enough is enough. The Lang Lang Town Committee, introduced in 1998, has been such a group. To see their long list of achievements, click here.

Since its inception, Lang Lang's main street looks beautiful. The CFA hose down the street every Sunday, there is a clean-up Lang Lang every three months and every family has become responsible for the towns gardens.

It's a wonderful thing to see. The Lang Lang community knows how to roll up its sleeves and get things done. Best of all, the community has taken ownership of its town.

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